What Type of Bed Is Suitable for You?

Beds have given the utmost attention in the house as it is the most important furniture unit from which no one can compromise with. From a very long period, the bed has a great significance and set a hallmark of being the essential unit. People like to decorate their bedroom with an elegant bed which is comfortable and look nice as well.

Nowadays the variety of beds available online is immense as all you need to check the type of bed you want and make your clear list of requirements, and the furniture will come at your doorstep. But sometimes it happens that not everyone is aware of all types of bed, only standard ones like single and double beds are known. But as the need varies the type of bed also varies along with it. Some types of beds are discussed in this article, namely:

Single bed: single bed furniture is best suited for kids and when you are living alone renting a room for work purpose. Also, when there is less space in your room, and you need to accommodate other stuff as well. Therefore it is best under all these conditions and the comfort of the bed shopped online is excellent. Another key aspect is when you buy a bed with storage that will help you to store the maximum of your stuff in it.

Double beds: It is a standard unit suitable for two people where you can sleep comfortably. The size of the bed is appropriate to accommodate two people at an ease. It also comes with and without storage. The design is elegant and gives a better appearance to your room. You can visualize your room to be equipped with beautiful furniture unit.

King Size bed: These beds resemble your classy and luxurious choice. The king size bed are large in terms of the dimension as compared to the double beds. You will feel extreme comfort while using it and further you can make it an upholstered bed by attaching a headboard to it.

Bunk Beds: This is specifically designed to accommodate one or more person, and it is available in huge variety of designs. Basically, there are two layers of bed frames, where one bed is stacked over another bed, and the other bed is supported by a ladder. You can choose stairs also instead of a ladder. Kids are much fascinated about bunk beds, as they find it adventurous and beautiful. You can design the bed which compliments with the wall and the interior.

Sofa Cum bed: These are the most trending beds as they have versatile feature for becoming an elite sofa and a comfortable bed. The diverse variety of patterns in the same is luring. It is the ultimate solution when you have less space, and you wish to decorate the house with best furniture unit. The sofa cum bed gives grace to your interior, and the comfort of the unit is phenomenon.

These were some types of beds which can be used for different purpose. You can buy a bed online with great customization feature where you will craft your own bed with all your prerequisites from the selection of wood to the design. Precisely, you can give the specific dimensions so that it perfectly accommodates in your room and you do not have to manage anything. The cost of the unit is affordable, and it is worth for the quality of the wood and the durability. Choose the best suitable bed for you and upgrade your interior.

Conclusion: Choose the most elegant bed which enhances the beauty of your bedroom. The storage bed is best suited to keep your miscellaneous stuff, and you can easily access them. The quality of the furniture available online is genuine and durable. You will upgrade the interior by placing a nicely crafted bed in your room.

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Children’s Beds and Bedroom Furniture – A Buyers Guide

There are so many options available when looking at beds and furniture for children’s rooms. The emergence of the internet has had a massive effect on the choices available to us as consumers, but with so much choice how do we chose which furniture is right for our children?

The answer to this question is obviously different for every parent although there are some basic questions that you can ask yourself before you start looking which should ultimately help you make the right decision.

What Style of Bed?

The first question is what type of bed should I be looking for? This may sound like an odd starting point but even the most basic of search on the net will reveal that there is a massive choice of makes and styles of children’s beds on the market. They basically break down as follows:

  • Traditional Single Beds & Bedroom Sets
  • Captains Beds – Slightly higher than a standard single usually with storage or a sleepover bed underneath
  • Cabin Beds or Midsleepers – A bed between 60 and 80cm off the ground with either furniture or a “den” underneath
  • Bunk Beds
  • Highsleeper Beds – A bed between 130 and 150cm off the ground with either space or furniture underneath

Traditional style single beds and captains beds are suitable for children of almost any age where as cabin beds suit children from 4 years and bunks and highsleepers are not recommended for children under 6 years of age. Obviously every child is different and you as a parent will know if you feel comfortable letting your child sleeping on the particular bed you chose.

The more traditional single bed with matching furniture will work in bigger rooms as will a captains bed, however if your space is small and you want to optimise the room you have then a cabin bed, highsleeper of bunks may be the way to go.

What Do You Want the Bed / Furniture to Do?

This sounds like an odd question but there are a number of bed building systems on the market which provide a flexible option for you kids. If you simply want a bed that will last your kids 4 or 5 years then there are many cheap beds on the market that will do this job well. Although it is a cliché it is also true to say that you get what you pay for. If your goal is a more long term solution then a building system may be the way to go.

So What is a Building System?

Put simply this is a modular system that allows you change your child’s bed as they get older. They will start as a single bed, add an extension kit and they can be changed into bunks, a midsleeper or a highsleeper. This is an excellent options if you have a number of children and you think their needs might change as they get older.


obviously this is the most important issue when you are looking at anything for for your children. Many cheaper bunks, highsleepers and midsleepers do not weigh enough to avoid “tipping”, you should always ask whether these sorts of beds should be fixed to the wall to avoid this issue. The more expensive brands generally do not suffer with this issue. You should also look carefully at the safety bars on the bed to ensure that they are sturdy enough to protect your child from falling and that they are deep enough to ensure they cannot roll out of a higher bed. Another issue with higher beds is the mattress depth. Traditionally mattresses are made to a depth of between 18 and 25cm. Most higher beds on the market would become dangerous with a mattress towards the upper end of this scale, ask your retailer what the recommended mattress depth is on the bed before you buy a mattress.

Try the Bed Out First!

Although it is easy to order online nowadays you can not beat seeing your kids trying out the beds before you buy. Unfortunately there are not many places where you can see a full range of children’s beds on display but I would always recommend that you take time to find somewhere to see the bed you are considering before you buy it. This way you can assess whether you are happy that your children will be comfortable using ladders or getting in and out of the bed.

Will I be Able to Add to Items in the Future?

The children’s bed / bedroom furniture market is ever changing and there is no guarantee that what you see today is going to be available tomorrow. Ask questions regarding the supplier, where is it manufactured? How long have they been making it? When did they last change the range? Does the manufacturer offer a supply guarantee?

If you ask these sorts of questions you should be able to satisfy yourself that you may or may not be able to add to your furniture in the future.

How Does the Furniture Arrive?

Much of the children’s beds and bedroom furniture on the market is delivered flat-packed. As how easy it is to assemble and whether your retailer has made the beds themselves. Try to find out whether if you get stuck whilst you build your bed your retailer will be able to offer any useful advice.

Some retailers offer an assembly service, ask who it is that builds the beds when they are delivered. Some sites claim that the manufacturer will come and build the bed, this is very rarely the case. Often it is simply a courier company with a build service attached. Make sure you know what you are getting before you purchase an assembly service.

If the furniture is going to arrive fully assembled, make sure you have measured to ensure it will fit, not only in the room but also up the stairs! Your retailer should be able to advise you on this aspect of your purchase.

What Happens if my Furniture Arrives Damaged?

The fact is that sometimes furniture gets damaged in transit. If this happens you want to know for sure that you will receive either a replacement or assistance without delay. Ask your retailer questions about what happens in these circumstances. How does the supplier deal with damages? How quickly would they expect damages to be replaced?

In Conclusion

So there are many different options when it comes to children’s beds and bedroom furniture. The key is to see what you are considering and to ask lots of questions. Make sure you feel comfortable with the person you are buying from. For cheaper purchases the internet is a great tool, however when it comes to getting furniture that will last a childhood I would recommend that you speak to an expert and ensure that you have the answers to all the questions above before you buy.

Lee Gurd is the owner of Rainbow Wood South, one of the UK’s leading supplier of children’s beds and bedroom furniture.
Rainbow Wood have an extensive range of children’s beds on display at their Farnham (Surrey) Showroom or your can visit our website at:

Benefits of an Orthopedic Dog Bed

Purchasing a dog bed for your dog becomes a necessity so you can keep your dog off of your furniture – unless you don’t mind if they get up on your chairs, sofas, or beds. However, as your dog grows older, he may need to have more support to comfort his aching body than your nice comfortable furniture.

Health problems occur in our pets, especially as they get older. They may need surgery, thus the need to be comfortable through their healing process. They may develop arthritis or other joint issues. Whatever the situation, the best type of bed for your dog, if he has any of these problems, is the orthopedic dog bed. A memory foam bed eliminates the pressure on his joints. It provides the comfort and support he needs. In their younger years large dogs may not have aches, pains or health problems, but by virtue of their size, they need more support for their body.

It may be necessary to have more than one bed. You may need a bed for him outside as well as a couple of places inside your home. He will want to be where you are, so providing a space for him to be comfortable near you is very thoughtful on your part.

If you purchase a bed for the outdoors, find one that has a water resistant cover to protect the mattress from the elements. Make sure the cover is either removable for easy cleaning, or you can hose it down to clean it.

Your indoor dog bed could have a nice, soft microfleece covering so that it will look great in any room. A dog that needs an orthopedic dog bed will most often need to have it heated. The heat provides comfort as well as warmth.

Many indoor dog beds are designer quality and versatile enough to look great with every decor. The elevated or raised dog bed allows air to circulate around the bed, prevents ants and other insect invasion, eliminates a hard surface that could cause sores or calluses, and it will not come in contact with a cold floor.

You can find heater inserts that go between the outer cover and the mattress. This is a great option if he already has a favorite bed. Or you can buy a bed that has a heating element already installed. Heat adds comfort to an ailing body.

When considering a memory foam orthopedic dog bed, you also need to decide on a style. If you have a small dog, he may sleep curled up a lot. A bigger dog often likes to stretch out when they sleep. Consider your dog’s sleeping patterns when selecting a bed for him. It will aid you in deciding to purchase a round or a rectangular shaped dog bed.

Does your dog like to prop his head up when sleeping? A bed with a bolster is the answer. Some bolsters go around the entire bed while others go around three sides allowing easy entry and exit to the bed.

If you are getting an orthopedic dog bed for his crate, you definitely need a rectangular bed. You can still use a heating unit in the bed for a comfortable sleep.
However, if your dog is a chewer, a heated may cause complications because you don’t want him to chew the cord to the heating unit. You may need to cover the bed with fleece to create that warmth.

Polyster fiberfil will not give him the support that a memory foam orthopedic dog bed will. You could possibly put a soft pillow type bed on top of the memory foam so he can snuggle easier. Always purchase a bed with a removable cover. Clean it often, at least weekly.

Each dog is different and has different needs. You will have to decide:

• Where are you going to put the bed?
• How does your dog sleep – curled up or stretched out – or both?
• Can the bed be placed near an outlet so you can plug in the heating element without the use of an extension cord?
• Is the bed going to be placed outside or inside?
• Does it have a removable cover?
• Do you want the orthopedic dog bed to match your decor?
• Would an elevated dog bed be a good choice?

Choosing a good quality bed will last longer. It may be cheaper in the long run than buying several lesser quality beds. Choosing the right dog bed is important and selecting an orthopedic dog bed may be the best choice.